Information sharing with Your Recovery Partners

Recorded On: 09/19/2018

During this presentation, Andrea Crosson, CEBT, and Lea Gralton, discuss how to meet regulatory requirements and effectively share information with the local OPO and tissue bank. The speakers provide insight on the regulatory requirements OPOs, Tissue Banks and Eye Banks must follow as they relate to information sharing. In addition, they present best practices for information sharing to minimize operational impact and discuss how to effectively review and act on information shared in order to mitigate risk. Purchase this webinar recording today!

Andrea Crosson, CEBT

Director of Medical Review

Andrea Crosson, CEBT, has been at SightLife for 13 years and has worked as a cornea recovery technician, transplant donor coordinator, and held several leadership roles within operations. She has guided her team through several changes in the last several years, including aiding in the development of new and successful relationships with OPOs across the country and streamlining functions to help SightLife provide thousands of corneas for transplant annually in order to support their mission to serve as a global leader and partner to eliminate corneal blindness by 2040.

Lea Gralton, CTBS

Donor Information Manager

Lea Gralton, Donor Information Manager at LifeCenter Northwest, has been working in organ and tissue donation since 2003, having worked as a processing technician, production coordinator, medical review coordinator, and quality systems manager.  Most recently, Lea has collaborated with both the organ and tissue departments at LifeCenter Northwest to develop a new Donor Information Group, comprised of Quality & Regulatory Affairs staff responsible for overseeing donor chart and medical records review; tissue processor and organ transplant center communications; organ culture coverage; patient safety reporting; and adverse event follow-up.  Lea holds a mathematics degree from the University of Colorado at Denver, and has been a Certified Tissue Bank Specialist since 2005.


Webinar Recording
Recorded 09/19/2018
Recorded 09/19/2018 This is a recording of the webinar presentation, "Information Sharing with Your Recovery Partners."
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1.00 CEU credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 CEU credit  |  Certificate available