Ocular Tissue Recovery: Physical Assessment

View this free skills video explaining the process for performing a physical assessment of a potential ocular donor.

The video features a physical assessment performed on an ocular donor. Thank you to the family of the donor for supporting their loved one's donation, and for generously allowing SDEB to provide this video for educational purposes.  Thank you to San Diego Eye Bank for recording and providing this video for training and educational purposes. 

This video is presented by San Diego Eye Bank. The procedure is performed by Vanessa To and moderated by Shahri Jones.  

Vanessa To

Senior Recovery Technician

San Diego Eye Bank

Vanessa To is a senior recovery technician at the San Diego Eye Bank. She received a BS in Environmental Chemistry at the University of California - San Diego. She has worked at the eye bank for 4 years and initially got hired as a per diem recovery technician in December 2019. Along with recoveries, she aids in donor eligibility, tissue processing, and the creation of laboratory references and training aides. 

Shahri Jones

Learning Management System Developer

San Diego Eye Bank

Shahri Jones, a native of San Diego, has been a dedicated member of the San Diego Eye Bank team for nine years. Starting her journey in eye banking in the Distribution department, she developed a passion for eye banking and donation.

In her current role as the Learning Management System Developer, Shahri is instrumental in shaping the educational landscape of the organization. Drawing upon her extensive experience and innovative spirit, she creates engaging and dynamic educational content for both internal staff and external stakeholders. Through her work, Shahri strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice, empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference in the field of eye banking.


Physical Assessment
Recorded 05/23/2024  |  60 minutes
Recorded 05/23/2024  |  60 minutes