Donor, Partner, or Community Relations Professionals

This collection of resources and templates has been designed for eye bank Donor, Partner, or Community Relations Professionals. The documents and materials are available for download.

Coordinator Manual

This customizable manual can be utilized by eye banks for assistance in developing guidance for a coordinator role. 


Department of Public Health Links

A complete listing of Department of Public Health links for US states and territories.


Glossary of Eye Banking Terminology

A comprehensive glossary of eye banking terminology, especially useful for new and beginning staff.


Glossary of Funeral Home and Anatomy Bequests

A comprehensive glossary of funeral home and anatomy bequests terminology.


Revised UAGA State Laws

A complete listing of where to find the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act State Laws for each US state or territory.


Joint Commission Vendors

Helpful resource with information about the Joint Commission Vendors.


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