Slit Lamp Microscopy

View this free skills video explaining how to evaluate tissue using a slit lamp.

Paul Graves, CEBT, CTBS

Vice President of Clinical Services

Advancing Sight Network

Paul Graves, CEBT, CTBS, was born and raised in Alabama. He joined Advancing Sight Network in July of 1997 as a Transplant Coordinator. Over the years, he has been involved in all aspects of clinical eye banking, from Laboratory Manager to Director of Laboratory Services. Today, as the Vice President of Clinical Services, Paul oversees the clinical processing aspects of Advancing Sight Network, from performing tissue processing itself to developing new processing procedures to assist surgeons in the care of their patients. Paul is a Certified Eye Bank Technician and a Certified Tissue Banking Specialist.


Getting Started
Recorded 03/28/2023  |  3 minutes
Recorded 03/28/2023  |  3 minutes
Evaluating Tissue
Recorded 03/28/2023  |  9 minutes
Recorded 03/28/2023  |  9 minutes