Women’s History Month: A Panel of Corneal Surgeon and Eye Banker Trailblazers

March is Women’s History Month; Join EBAA for a complimentary session exploring how women have impacted ophthalmology and eye banking, how eye banking has changed for women over the years, and work that still needs to be done looking to the future. The session opens with viewing Dr. Jennifer Li's extraordinary Paton Lecture, “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History: A Look at the Progress of Women in Ophthalmology," followed by a panel discussion with women ophthalmologists and eye bankers, and concludes with a Q&A session. 

This virtual event is an opportunity to celebrate women in eye banking, learn about the struggles and triumphs of being a woman in science, and how to continue to foster interest in the field for the next generation of women. Register for this free session today!

No CEUs are awarded for this session.


Select the "View On-Demand Recording" button to begin.
Select the "View On-Demand Recording" button to begin.
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