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  • 2018 Statistical Report
    Checkout the 2018 EBAA Statistical Report.
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  • Current and New Technologies in Corneal Donor Tissue Evaluation: Comparative Image Atlas
    The June 2018 issue of Cornea includes a supplemental section featuring eye banking’s most comprehensive atlas of endothelial images ever recorded. These images, which were compiled by over a dozen eye banks using the most advanced equipment and techniques available.
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  • Accreditation Policy and Procedures
    This is the latest version of this document, updated in June 2018.
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  • Medical Standards
    This is the latest version of the Medical Standards, updated in June 2018.
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  • Position Paper on Ocular Tissue Acquisition
    EBAA’s Board of Directors has developed and approved a position paper on some eye banks’ ocular tissue acquisition strategies, and the methods that other eye banks have used in response. While it is not the association’s role to regulate our members’ business practices, there are some cases in which the association has the perspective to offer comment and guidance. Most eye bank-OPO relationships are strong and mutually supportive, and EBAA celebrates the collaboration that facilitates the restoration of sight and the transformation of lives through organ, eye and tissue donation. All eye banks are encouraged to consider this document as they establish and maintain relationships with their recovery partners.
  • 2018 Year in Review
    Checkout what EBAA has been up to in the past year!
  • CEBT Exam Content Outline
    Check out the new CEBT Exam Content Outline!
  • CEBT Exam Study Guide
    View the new CEBT Exam Study Guide!